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Premium skincare for men
made simple

Powerful and clean self care products that empower men’s daily rituals.
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Two-step regimen

Wash and Hydrate.
2 minutes to look & feel your best

Dermatologically tested

For all skin types

Clean formula

Premium ingredients, free of synthetic fragrances and toxic chemicals

It's simple to have better skin

Get the Starter Kit

It's a trial sized version of Fabric's two-part regimen. Test the water, wash and hydrate daily. You will look & feel better than ever.

Form a habit

After two weeks, we'll send you the full sized Standard Set. It should last for about two months.

You are in control

No initiation or cancellation fees. You can always adjust how often you get restock bags, and add or remove products from your bag. It's simple, and better.

Satisfaction guaranteed • Free shipping on subscriptions • Cancel anytime


Is Fabric the right solution for me?
We created the Fabric regimen considering the lifestyle of men today. Life is hectic and it’s sometimes difficult to find the time for self-care. The Standard Set is the quintessential daily skincare combo. Rich with active ingredients, formulated to empower men’s daily rituals. Premium, clean skincare regimen made easy to weave into your routine.
Are your products safe for people with a sensitive skin?
Yes, our products were dermatologically tested on all skin types and are lab approved for sensitive skin. Our formulas contain only clean ingredients and are free of synthetic additives, toxins, parabens, SLS, sulfates, phthalates and alcohol.
Why should I subscribe for The Standard Set?
Personal care requires persistence and continuity. With The Standard Set bi-monthly subscription, the ideal skincare routine becomes automatic. You're in control, we'll follow your lead. Move or cancel shipments easily - in just a few clicks
Are there any fees for setting up or canceling a subscription?
Absolutely not. There are no hidden initiation/cancelation fees or fine print.
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